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Beer Industry

On the basis of climate change risk assessment, an Action Plan for the beer industry, managed by Carlsberg Italia, will be defined: it will list actions needed to improve climate adaptation capacity throughout the entire supply chain and it will specify objectives, timing and resources.

Location productive plant: Induno Olona (Province of Varese)

Sito web: Carlsberg Italia

Main identified climate change risks:
– extreme precipitation
– extreme temperature
– drying trend

potential damage
– asset integrity,
– business continuity
– reputation
– legal liability

Risk analysis –  read more

Main identified climate change adaptation actions:
Action 1 – Feasibility study for change pasteurizer
Action 2 – Installation desks in the factory park
Action 3 – Hydrogeological study to know the possible impacts of climate change on water sources
Action 4 – Study on the protection of plants that are part of the factory park
Action 5 – Supplier involvement in case of extreme events to guarantee business continuity


Climate change adaptation plan  – read more