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Our Partner

  • ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory, leadpartner of the project IRIS, is the Emilia-Romagna Joint Stock Consortium that was born from the merger of ASTER and ERVET, with the purpose of fostering the region’s sustainable growth by developing innovation and knowledge, attractiveness and internationalisation of the region system.

  • The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, founded in 1967, is an autonomous, special-statute University operating in the field of applied sciences, i.e. law, medicine, agriculture, engineering, political science, economics and management. The Institute of Management (IdM) is a part of the Sant’Anna School and operates in the field of management in private and public organizations.

  • Consorzio Attività Produttive (CAP) The Productive Activities Areas and Services Association was created in 1975 on the initiative of the Modena City Council and another ten Town/City Councils in the province of Modena. The primary task is to look after the PIPs (Industrial Estate Plans) in the context of the territorial planning of the municipalities.

  • S.I.PRO. was founded in 1976 with the name of Società Interventi Produttivi with the tasks of studying,undertaking and promoting initiatives aimed at supporting production settlements in the area of Ostellato by the acquisition and urbanization of industrial sites, the preparation of studies and research to enhance the resources of the territory of Ferrara.

  • Carlsberg Italy is the Italian branch of Carlsberg Group, whose HQ is in Denmark. Carlsberg Italia was founded in Italy as IndustriePoretti in 1876 and its shares were progressively acquired by Carlsberg Group in the years 1982-2002. Carlsberg Italy launched on the market an innovative PET keg for draught beer which is now revolutionizing the beer world and which is now being launched in other countries directly by Carlsberg Group. Before the launch of this innovative product Carlsberg Italy has been through a process of LCA study of its main products. The LCA study has brought Carlsberg Italy to get EPD certification for its products and as it was the 1stbrewery in the world to get it,it was in charge with the PCR definition.

  • The University Spinoff ERGO srl was founded in 2006. The company originated as a spin-off by Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, from which is now totally independent and autonomous entity. The Spinoff ERGO has a specific Unit dealing with credit policies and environment.

  • Terraria srl is an italian SME operating in the field of energy efficiency and environment both developing and providing consultancy. It is specialized in the development of DSS (Decision Support System) Web Application with geographic interface (WebGIS) and with modelling decision framework. Environmental Unit is focused on the implementation of environmental model, both interesting emission inventory and air quality impact. Information Technology Unit is focused on developing tools and web based geographical information system based on open source platform such as java platform and webservices technology, which ensure a high level of modularity, scalability and fast access performances.