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The main aim of LIFE IRIS project is to support the enterprises, in particular Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), to become more climate resilient and to test the effectiveness of adaptation measures applied through a cluster approach (industrial area and supply chain).

Other objectives are:

  • improve the resilience of industry sector through methods and solutions transferable in every country of the EU;

  • contribute to the development of a climate-resilient, low carbon, resources efficient economy;

  • foster the diffusion of financial tools aimed to reward resilient enterprises or enterprises belonging to resilient industrial clusters;

  • promote adaptation actions in the industry sector based on an ecosystem approach, also developing green infrastructures and payments for ecosystem services (PES), if appropriate;

  • strengthen synergies among adaptation measures and other environmental issues, such as floods and droughts, water scarcity, biodiversity conservation, air quality and resource efficiency;

  • increase the awareness of industrial and financial operators about the effects (threats and opportunities) of climate change on industrial production;

  • define opportunities of new green products and new green jobs related to the adoption of climate adaptation measures.