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The Project

The project Life IRIS (September 2015 – March 2019) aims to support SMEs in becoming more resilient to climate change, by mean of adaptation measures. Identification and implementation of measures will be carried out through a “cluster” approach, when cluster means:


  • group of business located in a same productive area

  • group of business related one another through the same supply chain (beer supply chain)

First type of experimentation will be tested on 2 productive areas in Emilia-Romagna, both managed by a unique park manager: SIPRO and CAP, which are partner of IRIS.

For the supply chain experimentation, Carlsberg Italia has been involved: it is the 3rd brewer in Italy and its supply chain has a worldwide relevance.:

  • For each cluster, an adaptation plan will be defined, on the basis of the results of a risk assessment

  • Two more actions are scheduled, with a cross-cutting value, leading to tools that can be useful for all those companies interested in climate change adaptation

  • One action is aimed to promote financial tools based on rewarding criteria for climate resilient enterprises or enterprises belonging to climate resilient cluster

  • The other one will develop a web portal aimed to give information about risks and opportunities related to climate change impacts to enterprises belonging to clusters involved in the demonstration actions

ERVET is the lead partner and will coordinate all project activities: some partners are the subjects of cluster experimentations (CAP, SIPRO and Carlsberg), while other partners provide qualified technic and scientific support (Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamento Sant’Anna, ERGO, Terraria and ERVET).

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